Registration for the BIG Fish Derby Haliburton Highlands is only available ONLINE.

Please complete the following with a confirmed method of payment. In order to participate in this event, you must complete the following:


1) Completely fill out your registration form (below)

2) Make the applicable payment (by credit card or e-transfer) including HST

3) After registration/payment, complete your online profile.

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Participants assume all responsibility for their own safety. Neither THE BIG FISH DERBY: HALIBURTON HIGHLANDS, nor their partners, sponsors or charities will be held responsible for any damages or injuries (personal or property). The Big Fish Derby: Haliburton Highlands and its partners/sponsors, reserve the right to use any submitted photos/images for event promotions, future tournaments, productions, promotions, articles, news releases.

Payment Options

Registration Type Maximum Fish Price
Family Season $75 40 fish
Family (one month) $45 20 fish
Family Weekend $25 10 fish
Individual Season $45 40 fish
Individual one month $25 20 fish
Individual weekend $15 10 fish