Registration for the BIG Fish Derby Haliburton Highlands is only available ONLINE.

Please complete the following with a confirmed method of payment. In order to participate in this event, you must complete the following:


1) Completely fill out your registration form (below)

2) Make the applicable payment (by credit card or e-transfer) including HST

3) After registration/payment, complete your online profile.

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Payment Options (select only one)
Registration Type Maximum Fish Price
Single Season (Aug, Sept) 40 fish
Single One Month 20 fish
Single Weekend (3 days) 10 fish
Family Season (Aug, Sept) 40 fish
Family One month 20 fish
Family Weekend (3 days) 10 fish


Participants assume all responsibility for their own safety. Neither THE BIG FISH DERBY: HALIBURTON HIGHLANDS, nor their partners, sponsors or charities will be held responsible for any damages or injuries (personal or property). The Big Fish Derby: Haliburton Highlands and its partners/sponsors, reserve the right to use any submitted photos/images for event promotions, future tournaments, productions, promotions, articles, news releases.